How To Create Mega Menus

You can easily create some simple mega menus with 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 columns by simply check options to your parent menu item.

First, create your menu. Then check Enable megamenu in the parent item you want to have a mega menu dropdown on. Also, enter a number between 2 to 6 in Megamenu columns based on how many columns you want for your mega menu.

Nest items that you to be a part of your mega menu under the parent, and then add more items under those to create multiple columns (multiple dropdowns). Each sub-dropdown will become 1 column.

Your mega menu should look like the screenshot below:

Create Mega Menu Auto Width

If you want to create a small mega menu (not full width), simply check the Megamenu auto width? field, like below:

Hide The "Headings"

To hide the main headings you simply need to check Hide Mega menu heading? to the same menu item that has the Enable megamenu field checked.