Getting Started

Everything you need to get started with WooVina Theme

Theme Installation Errors

The WooVina theme should install without any errors, although on some occasions people to encounter errors so here are the most common errors and the solutions:

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This error typically happens for one of two reasons:

  1. Your server memory limit to PHP is too low (most common).
  2. Your upload limit isn’t large enough and you must update your php.ini file to increase the upload_max_filesize value or contact your webhost to fix it.

White Screen Of Death or PHP Error Notice

A "white screen of death" happens when there is a PHP error on the site but WP_Debug isn’t enabled on the server. So the first thing to do would be to enable WP_Debug so you can read what the actual error is and thus fix the problem.

Note: This usually happens when your WordPress installation isn’t up to date (always keep WordPress up to date) or when a 3rd party plugin is creating a conflict. I would recommend always disabling all plugins and updating WordPress before switching to a new theme.

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